Our Approach To Raw Food

no preservatives, no fillers, and no additives
Tender, juicy, fall off the bone meats: fit for humans, made for pets. Our drool-worthy, locally sourced ingredients are from the same places supplying to restaurants.

Our Simple Process

bringing the wild to your pet’s doorstep
Our monthly packages arrive individually vacuum sealed, to easily store in your freezer and readily grab for your pet’s next healthy meal.

Why Raw?

unleash your pet’s primal instincts
Dogs and cats are carnivores. For optimal health and longevity, holistic veterinarians recommend a species appropriate diet of high protein, low carb and unprocessed foods.

Swtiching to Raw Food

take a walk on the wild side
We like to consider this process your pet’s road to recovery. Feeding your furry family member raw food will result in a shinier coat, stronger immune system and healthier GI tract.

Feeding Your Pet the way Nature Intended

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No Fillers | No Preservatives | No Additives

100% Natural Ingredients & Made in Canada