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We’re pet parents, and like you, we want the very best for our furry family members. After learning about the harmful ingredients found in our dog’s kibble we searched the market for healthier, more natural options. From there, we discovered the raw meat diet.

The recent renaissance of raw pet food may seem like a new trend, but it actually existed thousands of years before kibble. From a historical perspective, processed “pet foods” only hit consumer shelves about a hundred years ago. In the past, dogs and cat were hunters, consuming their high protein diets from live prey – not grains.

Benefits of a raw diet

Stronger Teeth & Fresh Breath

Raw meaty bones are nature’s toothbrush.

Shiny & Healthy Coat

Health shines from the inside out.

Stronger Immune System

Which means, less trips to the vet!

Stool less foul and smaller

Your pet will produce smaller stools with little to no odour.

Ideally your dog should be consuming a similar diet to a grey wolf in the wild.Today, their genetic makeup remains the same as their wild ancestors. Dogs and wolves only differ by 1 percent. They have sharp interlocking teeth designed to tear flesh. They have short digestive tracts designed to resiliently handle natural occurring bacteria found in meats. And of course, there’s the claws. Fortunately for us, after thousands of years of domestication they are more than willing to roll over for a belly rub.

As we are all aware, there’s a connection between diet and health, and the same applies for our pets. Part of a dog’s balanced lifestyle includes daily exercise and the consumption of natural unprocessed foods. Our carnivore companions were never designed to eat dehydrated, processed, low protein foods at all, let alone every meal for an entire lifetime.

Nutrient deficient pet foods have been attributed to the root causes of inflammatory and degenerate diseases that now plague our pet population. Research shows the best way to reduce metabolic stress and chronic inflammation is through a healthy diet. Holistic vets recommend a carnivorous diet with an emphasis on moisture dense, low carb and high protein foods. We believe our raw products achieve a nutritionally optimal diet specifically designed for your pet’s primal species.

For optimal health and longevity

Holistic veterinarians believe that animals should eat a species appropriate diet.

You’ve Taken the Raw Leap…Now What?

Switching to raw from kibble isn’t always a walk in the park. We like to consider this process your pet’s road to recovery. Most puppies have strong immune systems and take to raw readily. For older dogs, sudden diet change can initially cause some gastrointestinal problems. That’s why we recommend taking it slow, not cold turkey. To avoid digestive confusion, try introducing your pet to one type of protein (chicken or turkey), rather than a variety of raw foods. Some pet owners fast their dog for a day to detoxify their GI tract before introducing a new diet. Remember this is a lifestyle change that often takes time and patience, but we believe the end results are critical for your pet’s long-term health.

So, raw or kibble? We recommend that you trust your instincts.

Use our calculator to determine how much raw food your pet should be eating.

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