Raw Pet Food Toronto: Fur the Love of Your Pet

premium raw pet food

Raw Pet Food Toronto: Fur the Love of Your Pet

Welcome to Food Fur Love premium raw pet food! Delivered right to your door in Toronto!

We’re excited to show you how much better your pet’s health can be. Our goal is not only to provide the best local, premium raw pet food in Toronto but also to become a resource for keeping up with the latest pet health news.

Who we are

Like you, we are animal lovers who want only the best for our little guys. They are family and their health is part of having a happy and loving environment.

Recently, we decided that becoming a source of premium raw pet food would not only help us but also help you by making it easy, convenient and giving you the confidence that you are doing the best for your pet.

Our Products

We only source only the best, premium local Ontario raw meat. Our food meets and exceeds AAFCO requirements for a complete & balanced diet.

Our products use a proprietary blend that has been meticulously researched and tested, containing all essential vitamins and minerals.

One drawback we see time and time again when people try to do DIY raw pet food diets – one of the reasons we opened shop – is that often the preparations don’t have the right balance of meat, vegetables and vitamins. They end up with an unbalanced diet and don’t realize it until there are problems.

We do all that work for you, eliminating the complicated research and guesswork.

We Know You’re Busy

Not only will your pet’s diet be healthy, complete and balanced but we also save you time by delivering it right to your door!

We all want more time and going to the pet store is just one more errand to add to our list. Not anymore. Let us take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy your time and your pet.

Thank you for stopping by. Please have a look at our getting started page where we have a FAQ, feeding calculator and feeding instructions. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.